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Author: O. Henry


Directed by: Stephen J. Conley


Narrator: Joshua Kane


Illustrator:  Jayant Mall 


Edited by: AFX Animation


Sound designer: Stephen Conley


Produced by:


Running time: 20 minutes


Approach: Completely unabridged


Includes text captions: Yes 


File type: .mp4





"The Gift of the Magi" is a warm and sentimental story with a moral lesson about gift-giving. Jim and Della are a young couple facing the challenge of buying secret Christmas gifts for one other with very limited money. The plot and its "twist ending" are well-known in popular culture.


This beautiful production is unabridged and completely faithful to O. Henry's original short story. Download the title and watch this classic come to life in all of its splendor.  It's an especially perfect choice for the holiday season!



The Gift of the Magi

100% Unabridged

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The beautiful illustrations, professional narration, cinematic music and engaging text bring this classic tale to life in 45 minutes of total running time. 


Author: Charles Dickens


Directed by: Stephen J. Conley


Narrator: Don McCorkindale


Edited by: Charles DeGroot


Music by: Brad E. Howard


Produced by:


Running time: 45 minutes


Approach: Abridged Illustrated Classic


Includes text captions: Yes 


File type: .mp4





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