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"Truly Inspirational"


Students really enjoyed the version of both of the stories (The Tell-Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillodo presented. Students thoroughly understood the meanings and themes of the stories.


-woofy7, via Amazon

"Wonderful classroom resource"


After reading 'The Cask of Amontillado' with my 9th grade English class, I showed them your version with subtitles. The sound effects and graphic illustrations really helped students to better comprehend the story. Watching it the Edgar Allan Poe story come to life!!


-Ilene Cahan, via Amazon


"Great for students!"


I used your video with my eighth grade students and they really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this video for teachers.


-teri, via Amazon


"Best one!"


As an 8th grade teacher, I have seen various versions of your Poe story. Yours by far follows it most closely and the visual images are wonderful. My students were asked to rate the 4 versions and 99% liked this one the best! Thanks!!


-K. Purcell, via Amazon


"Perfect for the classroom!"


As an English teacher,I struggle to find short,engaging, and largely unabridged video versions of great literature to enhance the classroom experience. I was glad to see Poe's "Tell Tale Heart" and "The Cask of Amontillado" spookily crafted, but not graphic in gore- something modern filmmakers overdo. I would recommend it for junior high and will purchase more.


-lewisandclark, via Amazon


"Bringing Biblical Stories To Life!"


This approach to teaching the Parable of the Prodigal Son makes classic biblical stories exciting, entertaining and relevant. The combination of illustration, narration, and music bring the Bible to life. This is a great tool for religion classes and Bible studies. Looking forward to more releases!


-lewisandclark, via Amazon


"Excellent! A must-see for Poe fans"


I showed you video for The Raven to my high school English students, and they really enjoyed it. The illustrations are imaginative and thoughtful, the music and sound effects are topnotch (the music reminds me of Hitchcock's composer, Bernard Herrmann), and the voice-over narration is compelling (the narrator speaks in a wonderfully low and evocative voice). Plus, the entire video clocks in at eleven minutes (short but sweet, which is what teenagers love). Absolutely worth buying!


-Shiree, via Amazon


"Ravin' over this version of The Raven"


I am a Poe fanatic and am always looking for something visual in my blantant attempts to convert non-readers this American contribution to great literature. Taletube has created a visual feast that enhances the COMPLETE poem. I will watch for more TALES from this group!


-Rock N, via Amazon


"Great interpretation!"


I was looking for a video of "The Raven" to use with my students. This video worked perfectly. The oral interpretation is great and the visuals match perfectly. Some of the images, particularly the grim reaper, are a little strong but still they lend well to the overall presentation.


-David Santana, via Amazon


"Amazing graphics!"


I teach 11th grade American Literature, and I was completely impressed with this interpretation of the classic poem. It's tough to find an updated, high-interest video about The Raven that isn't hokey, but this fits the ticket. The students were really into it and it allowed them to understand the poem so much better, too!


-mstitt, via Amazon


"Used A Christmas Carol in class, loved it"


I played "A Christmas Carol" for my class of 8th graders. They didn't say a word the whole class and had lots of great questions afterwards. Very well-done!


-Rodger St. John, via email


"High quality! Fantastic illustrations!"


Highly recommended!! Excellent quality! My students will love these stories since they relate to the fantastic illustrations! 


-Deborah, via Amazon




I bought your stories for my son, who loves Poe. I have to say that the quality is just incredible. It is like nothing I have seen before.  I highly recommend this dvd to all Poe's fans who want to experience something different.


-Patty, via Amazon


"Awesome teaching tool. Highly recommend!"


I found these online and didn't really know what to expect - in this day of fast editing, flash over substance I was so pleasantly surprised to find these well narrated, beautiful animated and engaging stories. They grab your attention and totally engulf you in the story. My students just loved them. One of them remarked that they have a way of engaging the imagination - absolutely right. Poe has come to life!  Highly recommend.


-R. Glickman, via Amazon


"Loved your version of The Gift of the Magi!"


I was searching for a film version that was faithful to the original story and luckily I found yours!  I used it in my class of gifted learning and they absoluetly loved it! 


-J. Carson, via email


"O. Henry was a master. Thank you for making this!"


Just downloaded your video for The Gift of the Magi and thoroughly enjoyed it!  This is a great way to better understand a classic story. Everything from the music to the voice over narration and illustrations was suberb.


-Sandra M, via email


"Loved it!"


We're learning about this in English class and we watched this and now now I'm just watching it again because I love it! :)


-Dhara Hawkins, via Youtube


"Very enjoyable version of this tale"


I'm not a student, just a fan of Poe and this story is a favorite. Thanks you!


-mpawdawin, via Youtube


"This is absolutely FANTASTIC!"


 We just read this for English Literature class at college. This version with the narration and still frame artwork is amazing.


-Joe Moe, via Youtube


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